Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Clean Bean®?

Why do I need to use Clean Bean® Tablets to clean my capsule machine?

Cleaning your capsule machine is important for two reasons:

    1. A clean machine free from stale coffee oils and odours, makes a fresher, tastier cup of coffee. You can really taste the difference!
    2. Over time coffee machines can get a build-up of coffee residues and oils. These can start to clog up your machine and make the parts work ineffectively. Sometimes it can even lead to a breakdown of the machine. By regularly cleaning your capsule machine, you’re minimising the chance of your machine needing to be serviced.

Why do I need to DESCALE as well as CLEAN?

Once hard water scale has formed in the pipe network, it can only be removed by the use of special acidic descaling products. Clean Bean® Tablets are specially formulated to clean coffee oils and residues, they will have no impact on scale removal.

There are a variety of descalers available in the market place. Many of these products are dangerous to use and can be very corrosive to some metals. Many domestic coffee
machines use aluminium in the heating elements which are very susceptible to corrosive acids.

Clean Bean® Descaler has been thoroughly researched and tested to provide excellent scale removal while being safe to use without corrosion.

How often do I need to clean my capsule machine with Clean Bean®?

Use Clean Bean® monthly or after every 30 coffees (whichever comes first) to maintain the optimal taste of your beverages.

Which Clean Bean® tablet holder do I use for my machine?

Red holder – Caffitaly® & Expressi®
Black holder – Nespresso®
Blue holder – Lavazza A Modo Mio®

This product is not endorsed by the owners of these systems


What are the ingredients of the Clean Bean® tablet?

Clean Bean® tablets are made of alkaline builders, water softening agents and detergents plus ingredients that help bind the tablet together and once mixed with water, help the tablet rapidly dissolve.

Does the Clean Bean® Tablet contain any food allergens?

Clean Bean® Tablets do not contain any known food allergens.

Does the Clean Bean® Tablet holder contain BPA?

No, the Clean Bean® holders do not contain BPA. All holders use FDA and TGA approved plastics.

I threw out my Clean Bean® Tablet holder, where can I get a new one?

You will need to re-purchase the Clean Bean® Starter Pack which includes the range of tablet holders.

Is it safe to make a coffee straight after cleaning my machine?

Yes. Any cleaning tablet residues are flushed out during the rinse cycle.

Where can I buy Clean Bean®?

The Clean Bean® tablet did not fully dissolve during the cleaning cycle, what should I do?

  1. Dispose any undissolved tablet into the sink or bin
  2. Run an extra rinse cycle on your machine to ensure all residues are removed.

Some machines have lower water pressure which makes tablet dissolution slower.
Next time you clean your machine run 2 long black cycles before ejecting the tablet.

Can the extra Clean Bean® holders I don’t need be recycled?

Yes they can. Clean Bean® holders are made from Class 4 PE type plastic.

Can the Clean Bean® packaging be recycled?

The Clean Bean® outer packaging and holder insert is made from cardboard and can be recycled.

For the Clean Bean® tablet blister plastic and foil – please check your local council’s recycling list as not all councils recycle these items.

Is the Clean Bean® Tablet safe for the environment?

Clean Bean® Tablets are safe for the environment due to the mild formula and biodegradable detergents.

Are Clean Bean® Tablets fully biodegradable?

Clean Bean® Tablets are readily biodegradable.

Are Clean Bean® Tablets safe for septic systems?

Yes they are. Clean Bean® Tablets will have no impact on septic systems.

What should I do if a Clean Bean® Tablet is swallowed?

Rinse mouth and spit out any residual tablet, then give a glass of water.

If the tablet is swallowed and the person is choking seek medical advice immediately.

What should I do if I get a Clean Bean® Tablet in the eyes?

Flush eyes with water and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

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