How to use Clean Bean®

Clean Bean® is quick and easy to use


    Press one Clean Bean® tablet into the holder designed for your machine.
  • LOAD

    Insert the holder into the machine and close, ensuring the water tank is full of fresh water with an empty cup under the delivery spout.

    Run the machine using the largest cup button to get the maximum amount of water from the machine. Repeat two more times.

    Eject the tablet holder and put the tablet into the waste container.

    Open and close the capsule compartment to eject the Clean Bean® tablet holder. Run the machine again using the largest cup button. Repeat this step once.

    Retrieve the Clean Bean® tablet holder from the waste container, rinse in fresh water, dry and store for re-use. Refill the water tank. Your capsule machine is now CLEAN and once again ready for making delicious coffee!
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